My beta reader for The Liminal Key, my fantasy romance novel, asked me this question:

Do you believe in Elementals?

Elves, brownies, sprites, angels, etc., etc..

My answer was yes and no. I’m a skeptic and I like to reason but I also believe in God and Angels; therefore I should have no problem making the leap to imaginary creatures.

I recently threw out a twenty year old bag of unmatched socks and am currently accumulating another round of unmatched socks. Where do they go? Do the sprites steal them? 😀 There must be a scientific explanation. I’ve never seen a ghost but I do think some houses are creepy and some are sad. I often go with my gut.

Are you plagued by little sprites that steal your socks and move your things around?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Do you think you’ve ever been abducted by aliens?