My 40k word science fiction e-book, Myth of the Malthians, is coming out at the end of the week. It is for a mature audience as it has some sex in it but not more so than  most science fiction. It takes the theme of aliens, abductions, war, flying saucers and wormholes seriously and is a drama, albeit lovingly tongue-in-cheek. If you’re interested in writing a review of the pdf version let me know and I’ll send it to your email address. Review can be posted here in comments or on my LJ here:


Rogue International Corps of Earth Soldier Ian MacPherson must rescue his loyal comrade, Hunter Gordon, from the clutches of the Quetzals, rulers of Earth’s galaxy. Ian’s Commander, Stuart Glenn, will go to any lengths to get Hunter out of the Quetzals’ claws. If they don’t get her in time the enemy will clone and kill her if they can’t torture the vital troop information out of her. Ian realizes there’s no room in the plans for rescuing his wife and children. If he doesn’t they could be used for food, slavery or genetic experimentation. He plans on rescuing Kaleida, but what he finds when he gets there is no longer human. Will he abandon Hunter Gordon again and set his family free, endangering the whole International Corps of Earth and their allies, or will he rescue Hunter Gordon and abandon his family to a life worse than death?