Please celebrate the launch of Jack Cluewitt and the Imbrium Basin Murders at Gypsy Shadow Publishers by taking advantage of their 50% off sale for the month of September and help me pay for my bills while I’m on chemo. Some of you know this novel was years in the making and trust me, my main editor, Denise Bartlett, worked very hard with me to tame this crazy story! She should get a gold medal for all her work! Editing advice in the final stages from Charlotte Holley was also invaluable in getting this novel launched.

That said, any flaws or scientific errors are entirely my own.






This book is dedicated to Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis for the Water, Chuck Thomas and Lou Esposito for caring, and the folks at Computer Sciences Corporation and Cornell Information Technologies, and Charlotte for believing and Denise, my editor who pushed me to make the book the best it could be: and my Carpe Libris gals, and all the people who supported and encouraged me to finish. Jack Cluewitt is also dedicated to the Ithaca Fire Department and all first responders.

This book couldn’t have been written without the help and support of my editor, Denise and the hard work of my publishers Charlotte and Denise. I’d like to thank Geoff again, and Kent Brewster’s Speculation’s Rumor Millers and Carpe Libris.