Chemo update: I have one more chemo left of twelve and then maybe radiation. I’ll know about the latter in a few weeks. My doc says I’m cancer free. I’m most grateful for all the Healing prayers, good wishes and thoughts. My cancer diagnosis came when my editors and I were deciding which novel to run with first. At the time, a pear-shaped lymphoma tumor was wrapped around the vessels and squished up against my heart and I could feel it beat every minute of the day and night for two months or more. The mass was so heavy and painful on my heart it had sent me to the ER where they eventually diagnosed the tumor. I went with Jack Cluewitt and the Imbrium Basin Murders even though I knew it was going to be hard to sell and maybe harder to read than my epic romance Elf novel, The Liminal Key, coming soon, btw, because Jack took me so long to write and blood, sweat and tears, yada, yada, and at the time I was facing my mortality. I’m so happy to have accomplished that publication this past year, finally and to have recovered from the cancer. Thanks for having shared this rocky road of ups and downs with me in 2014. *hugs and kisses*