I haven’t posted in a long while. I’ve been happily and busily living in remission. I’m designing my science fiction magazine, T-Rex Moon, and will have it set up and ready for submissions in the next month or two. The Liminal Key is coming soon from


Liminal Key 89

My life is almost normal. My body is not. The peripheral neuropathy got worse but I’m managing with magnesium, B complex supplements, moving, stretching, walking my dogs, being happy and cheerful, and having a devoutly strong spiritual faith supported by an awesome community. The prayers and “fellowship” and friendships have given me much strength through love. Thank you all ❤

For those in my community who believe, our faith in God and Jesus has restored my health and made me stronger, and I cannot put into words adequately how much the prayers have meant to me. Truly my mind is sharper than before cancer. Our church youth group raised money for me with bake sales and helped me out through a difficult time. I cannot express how much that meant to me and how it touched me. It’s been harder for me to talk about cancer, in remission, than it was to talk about cancer when I had cancer. I just wanted to put it behind me and stomp all over it, with giant dinosaur feet. Cancer makes you narrow your focus and when you hear people complain about their lives you want to say everything you’re frustrated about is such a blessing.

I am working on dinosaur paintings and edits on the 30k word Dinosaur Warrior story and the 300 page Liminal Key.

I’ll post on T-Rex Moon, the dinosaur paintings and the two stories coming soon, a.s.a.p. Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July as did I. Ragnar moses, Ruthie, Ruby and Rizzly 2

Visiting Ronnie, Ruby and Moses Ragnar, with Grizzly and Ray-Ray.

Ruthie, ray ray, Ruby and Rizz 2Ray Ray, Ruby, Ruthie and Rizzly 2