Jack Cluewitt names & abbreviations

Jack Cluewitt and Indigo Jane Salgado = Lunar Homicide Detectives
Zero-One = Jack’s Major Domo robot dog
Hildy Witter Raygun = Jack’s girlfriend, manufacturer of sex robots, daughter of suspected German mob boss Bane Hofmüller
Immaculata = Jack’s robot maid and art critic
Antonia G. Clef = Green Party candidate for American President of Space Orbitals
Máóhk-Clay = Green Party candidate for American President of Space Orbitals and Siwen or Seer/Dowser
Aquila and Felix Fortuna= Corporate Party Candidates for American President of Space Orbitals
Bane Hofmüller = Hildy Witter Raygun’s stepfather
Gretel Roux = moon coroner investigator
Niall Heaton = Memory Reporter
Dmytro Andreychuk = Memory Reporter
Vinny the Waltz Walskiwhitz = Corporation Party assassin, professional dancer and cross dresser
Sally Solilo Queue = suspect and Hildy’s robot
Agent Fedorski and Raynaud = Genetically Modified Humans
Weather Weiss = Space Junk artist and Jack’s birth mother
Ruaderick Monaghan = Earth Homicide Detective and firefighter and Jack’s birth father
Savanna and Gull Saugerties = former and current President of American Space Orbitals
Rappel Luna aka Kineko Luna = Organ Enforcement Agent OEA
Marilyn and Dr. John Cluewitt = Jack’s stepparents
Robert and Rebecca Luna = Rappel’s parents
Edgar Moondigger Chavez and Jules Helphenstein = Moon miners
Maelstrom Corrigan = Cadaver City Morgue robot manager
Keith and Lee Morris = Conjoined twin green policemen
Jara = Green police woman
Cavity = Moon mining dog
Vasundhra “Sunny” Kambhampati = robot tech
Pin = cop
Loon-Earth= hermaphrodite child
Magdalena Carpe = cop and black market organ dealer
Pops Van de Woestyne = Owner of Pops Used Robots and Toys Store
Dr. Peg Cardillo = Roboticist and Deep Space Ship Designer
Carbon-gravity-suit = flush, like a wetsuit made of carbon nano weave to support human musculoskeletal system when reintroduced to planetary gravitational forces. A carbon-gravity-suit is a light, flexible, sturdy system in parts that support weight in conjunction with weakened musculoskeletal system used to micro gravity.
Fullerenes or Bucky Balls = Commonwealth of Space Worlds aka Erthspheres colonial space vessels
Graben = ditch or groove on the moon’s surface
Rille = groove or trench on the moon’s surface
Cadaver City: A Bucky Ball or Fullerene Space station and vehicle that rolls from Earth to Mars, Saturn or Jupiter on the Orbitals-Grid using whatever fuels it can.
Rattle snake Asteroid City (formerly Cannibal Mountain): Asteroid city in the asteroid belt
Intermad: Interplanetary Mail delivery system
NEPD: near earth police department
School of Gallaudet Naturals = Union for disabled Naturals who need work but don’t wish to upgrade cybernetically or genetically.
ALLPLUM = Allied Freezer Units and Plumbing,
Intermad = the Interplanetary Mail Delivery System
PUR = Parts Unlimited Robotics
GGC = Geiger Counters Limited
Calendula Mining Colony
Jo-Mars-Net=Jupiter or Jovian and Mars Sats
Sol-Earth-Moon-Net= Earth Moon SATS
Mars IPOL= Mars International Police or Interpol
PEFOPRESH = Peoples for the Preservation of Historic Space
CHARMS = Chemistry Harmonics Organ Fuser = allows organs to assimilate without using immune suppressing drugs
Moon City is in Mare Frigoris or the Sea of Cold
Robot City is in Admundsen Crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin
Robot Hospital is in Moon City in the Sea of Cold or Mare Frigoris
Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains or Showers) Impact Crater Basin
Mars Valles Marineris
Noctis Labyrinthus
Candor and Tithonium Chasma
Cannibal Alley is a corridor that extends from inner orbits, to ring orbits and to outer orbits where there are many occurrences of cannibalism in space.
ISBE = International Space Expansion Bureau
Green Police = enforce green laws
INC = International Space Corporation pronounced INK or I N C
Jo-Mars space = Jupiter and Martian territory
FRESH Air Stations = Fractal Entertainment Spaceship Habitat
klicks = kilometers


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