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Belated Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas


t-rex Turkey!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving, being grateful, and Merry Christmas. And Happy Holidays for all who celebrate any holidays and LOVE for all who don’t celebrate any holidays this time of year. I haven’t posted in here in a while. I’ve been working on the magazine, working at my job, writing and editing fiction, designing art and laying out the magazine. The T-Rex or T-Reggs, since she’s an egg laying female, thus, Regina, was my drawing/painting for the cover, although the cover will now have the gray T-Rex Moon Icon. I’ve updated that one from the blue T-Rex Moon I originally designed. See below:

moon icon t-rex Christmas 17

This is the original blue design. See below. If you look hard enough at the moon you can see a t-rex in the craters. I see a female T-Rex, running, like a cartoon character or nesting with an egg. Below is a stronger design. Above, in gray, though not as, strong design-wise, it’s closer to looking like the shapes in our moon. I was hoping to get the first Halloween issue out by Christmas but we’ve had a few delays. So we should have it out by the 1st of January 2016, or sooner.

icon 1 t-rex moon 19.1

Happy 4th of July

I haven’t posted in a long while. I’ve been happily and busily living in remission. I’m designing my science fiction magazine, T-Rex Moon, and will have it set up and ready for submissions in the next month or two. The Liminal Key is coming soon from

Liminal Key 89

My life is almost normal. My body is not. The peripheral neuropathy got worse but I’m managing with magnesium, B complex supplements, moving, stretching, walking my dogs, being happy and cheerful, and having a devoutly strong spiritual faith supported by an awesome community. The prayers and “fellowship” and friendships have given me much strength through love. Thank you all ❤

For those in my community who believe, our faith in God and Jesus has restored my health and made me stronger, and I cannot put into words adequately how much the prayers have meant to me. Truly my mind is sharper than before cancer. Our church youth group raised money for me with bake sales and helped me out through a difficult time. I cannot express how much that meant to me and how it touched me. It’s been harder for me to talk about cancer, in remission, than it was to talk about cancer when I had cancer. I just wanted to put it behind me and stomp all over it, with giant dinosaur feet. Cancer makes you narrow your focus and when you hear people complain about their lives you want to say everything you’re frustrated about is such a blessing.

I am working on dinosaur paintings and edits on the 30k word Dinosaur Warrior story and the 300 page Liminal Key.

I’ll post on T-Rex Moon, the dinosaur paintings and the two stories coming soon, a.s.a.p. Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July as did I. Ragnar moses, Ruthie, Ruby and Rizzly 2

Visiting Ronnie, Ruby and Moses Ragnar, with Grizzly and Ray-Ray.

Ruthie, ray ray, Ruby and Rizz 2Ray Ray, Ruby, Ruthie and Rizzly 2

Happy New Year!


Chemo update: I have one more chemo left of twelve and then maybe radiation. I’ll know about the latter in a few weeks. My doc says I’m cancer free. I’m most grateful for all the Healing prayers, good wishes and thoughts. My cancer diagnosis came when my editors and I were deciding which novel to run with first. At the time, a pear-shaped lymphoma tumor was wrapped around the vessels and squished up against my heart and I could feel it beat every minute of the day and night for two months or more. The mass was so heavy and painful on my heart it had sent me to the ER where they eventually diagnosed the tumor. I went with Jack Cluewitt and the Imbrium Basin Murders even though I knew it was going to be hard to sell and maybe harder to read than my epic romance Elf novel, The Liminal Key, coming soon, btw, because Jack took me so long to write and blood, sweat and tears, yada, yada, and at the time I was facing my mortality. I’m so happy to have accomplished that publication this past year, finally and to have recovered from the cancer. Thanks for having shared this rocky road of ups and downs with me in 2014. *hugs and kisses*

Bookmark for B&N, beating cancer and how to do bald sexy author pic

MareImbriumDowns bookmark

That is my bookmark with QR codes that links my stories to Barnes and Noble where you can directly buy them on your phone. You can click on the pic to see it larger. The Liminal Key is coming soon, in a few months, that is. I’m very excited about this QR code feature since all my books are ebooks and you’d have to have a nook, kindle or computer to read them. I’m hoping to see Jack Cluewitt and the Imbrium Basin Murders and the Liminal Key in print but that will have to wait for now.

The weird thing about having cancer and I’m beating it, by the way, and promoting my books is that I can’t do a sexy author photo right now for my first Romance Novel coming out in February or April. Unless you want one of me with no hair. And I’m not liking bald jokes at all right now. Not that I’ve ever liked them but right now they don’t make me laugh and I can only think people who write them are really stupid. Should I just wear a wig and have someone take a photo of me now or should I wait and see if I’m looking any sexier in a few months? Thanks for buying my books! ❤ Love, Ruthie

Of Marshmallows and Pancakes

CL flowers get well2

This post is about my cancer diagnosis and how to make the best toasted marshmallows and buttermilk pancakes. I’ve posted quietly about my cancer diagnosis on my FB wall, and have put off posting it here, which I use exclusively for my fiction. I don’t talk much about my personal life. I would have posted sooner but I’ve been busy with edits, getting Jack ready for publication and seeing it launch around the same week as my chemo started so this post, and my book launch are a tad late.

First you have to find the right stick; it can’t be too green or too fragile, for toasting your marshmallow. As to pancakes the pan has to be on medium not medium high if you don’t want to burn them. It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked pancakes; no time for that when working full-time, and writing novels and short stories, and all the in-between-stuff; fixing my own roof, urrr, I mean patching it with roofing tar, laundry, etc. etc., facebooking, reading posts, surfing the web, emailing, all the minute timesucks. And no eggs in the batter while on chemo just because I may undercook the practice flapjacks. I’m using News Hope Mills Buttermilk mix.

I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about the nightmare that sent me to the ER; maybe after I do the painting of the witch in the dream. It was a bad night.

But the terror of that dream sent me to the hospital and eventually got my diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which has been staged at 2. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has a very high rate of recovery in all stages. 90%. So wish me luck. I’ve had three infusions of chemo since then and have lost my long hair and some on the top.

I can confess that I may have once made half of a perfectly toasted marshmallow but usually mine are overcooked or undercooked. I haven’t found the magic technique to get it just right. When I turn the marshmallow it catches on fire every time. My pancake technique to keep it from burning is too unstick it before it finishes and then let it cook a little longer. But like I said, medium high on my stove is too high. To be honest one of my practice cakes looked scrambled. It tasted good though sans the burned parts. 😀

I’ll post more about my progress with cancer and making the best toasted marshmallows and pancakes as I continue with my treatments.



Jack Cluewitt and the Imbrium Basin Murders Book Launch


Please celebrate the launch of Jack Cluewitt and the Imbrium Basin Murders at Gypsy Shadow Publishers by taking advantage of their 50% off sale for the month of September and help me pay for my bills while I’m on chemo. Some of you know this novel was years in the making and trust me, my main editor, Denise Bartlett, worked very hard with me to tame this crazy story! She should get a gold medal for all her work! Editing advice in the final stages from Charlotte Holley was also invaluable in getting this novel launched.

That said, any flaws or scientific errors are entirely my own.

This book is dedicated to Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis for the Water, Chuck Thomas and Lou Esposito for caring, and the folks at Computer Sciences Corporation and Cornell Information Technologies, and Charlotte for believing and Denise, my editor who pushed me to make the book the best it could be: and my Carpe Libris gals, and all the people who supported and encouraged me to finish. Jack Cluewitt is also dedicated to the Ithaca Fire Department and all first responders.

This book couldn’t have been written without the help and support of my editor, Denise and the hard work of my publishers Charlotte and Denise. I’d like to thank Geoff again, and Kent Brewster’s Speculation’s Rumor Millers and Carpe Libris.